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Training Simulator

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Training Simulator

Training SimulatorAddDate:2017-04-18
Training Simulator


Acoustic equipment is the core sensor of underwater vehicle, it is the key equipment to guarantee autonomous navigation, autonomous obstacle avoidance, exploration environment and search target of underwater vehicle. Acoustic devices commonly used in underwater vehicles include acoustic Doppler log and various types of high-resolution imaging sonars (such as forward-looking sonar, down-looking sonar and side-view sonar). Among them, each use of sonar and a variety of ways to achieve technology.

The Main Function

1. Four-dimensional modeling of submarine, sea surface, target and aircraft body (3D shape + material)
2. Dimensional six-degree-of-freedom (DOF) modeling of the motion of the vehicle body.
3. Real-time response to user input, real-time generation and display of high-fidelity acoustic system original echo data and imaging data. The resulting data is not only highly similar to the actual acoustic device in terms of display performance, but is also statistically very similar to the actual acoustic measurements.
4. To meet the acoustic Doppler log, front, bottom, side view and other mainstream acoustic equipment simulation requirements.According to the user's requirements, the specified model of the device simulation. 
5. Has a semi-physical simulation capabilities, through the docking array in the air directly to the acoustic system for testing.
6. Standard data input and output interface. XTF and other standard acoustic data formats can be generated according to user requirements, and users can directly import CARIS, HYPACK and other international common acoustic data post-processing software.

Product Type and Performance Indicators

1. Support the scope of the scene map is not less than 10km × 10km, resolution in centimeters ;
2. Computer real-time generation of three-dimensional scene, the resolution of not less than 1024 × 768, the screen update rate of not less than 20 times / sec ;
3. More than 10 scenarios and target types can be simulated ;
4. Can simulate the type of sonar, including the front, bottom, side, as the three installation methods, multi-beam, synthetic aperture, single beam, three-dimensional four technical forms ;
5. Analog sonar frequency range : 20kHz ~ 2MHz ;
6. Analog sonar bandwidth : 100kHz or less ;
7. Simulation of aircraft speed : 1 ~ 20 knot ;
8. The cache and transmission synthesis delay of simulation calculation is less than 1 second ;
9. Computing center storage capacity greater than 10T, data center storage capacity greater than 200T ;
10. The maximum number of channels in the analog center is 1024, bandwidth 100kHz, in-band flatness <1dB, amplitude consistency <1dB, phase consistency <2 degrees .

Product Photos and Underwater Scene Simulation Photos

Underwater ball target acoustic imaging simulation photo 1
Underwater ball target acoustic imaging simulation photo 2
Underwater ship wreck target acoustic imaging simulation photo 1
Underwater ship wreck target acoustic imaging simulation photo 2
Sea bottom terrain acoustic imaging simulation photo
Sea bottom terrain acoustic imaging real photos (compared with analog photos)