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Down - view HD Acoustic Imager

CMBS200 (arc mounted type)AddDate:2017-04-18
CMBS200 (arc mounted type)
CMBS200 - transmitting and receiving processing unit


CMBS200 can real-time access to underwater three-dimensional terrain and underwater suspended and sink the end of the target high resolution acoustic map, with the implementation of submarine topography mapping, channel survey, underwater target search, underwater archeology and underwater pipeline detection tasks, it can be installed in the unmanned platform underwater, underwater towing and surface ships and other platforms.

The Main Technical Parameters

               1. Acoustic performance parameters
               2. The center frequency is 200 kHz
               3. Working bandwidth 40kHz
               4. The horizontal beamwidth is better than 1 °
               5. Vertical beam opening is better than 2 °
               6. Horizontal field of view angle ≥ 140 °
               7. Detection distance ≥ 300m
               8. Distant resolution better than 2cm
               9. Signal system Various types of signal system, the most wide up to 10ms

Mechanical Parameters

              1. Overall weight ≤ 26kg (air)
              2. Launch size (L x W x H) 200mm * 126mm * 67mm
              3. Receive size (L x W x H) 521mm * 289mm * 110mm
              4. The maximum working depth is 600m

Electrical Characteristics

            1. Power supply voltage : 18VDC ~ 36VDC
            2. Average power : ≤ 70W
            3. Peak power : ≤ 90W
            4. Data interface : Gigabit Ethernet
            5. Synchronous interface : RS485


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