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Slip Ring

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Slip Ring

Slip RingAddDate:2016-11-17
Slip Ring


The role of the slip ring is to ensure that the winch running, towing platform and underwater drag body between the power and communication transmission smoothly, the company can provide slip ring, smooth ring and photoelectric compound slip ring.


 (1) Strong environmental adaptability: The use of rust-proof aluminum alloy, 316 stainless steel or titanium alloy to meet the long-term use of the marine environment requirements, while meeting the cabin environment, deck environment and underwater use, the maximum water depth of 200m;
 (2) smooth operation: during operation, the optical attenuation fluctuation range is less than 1dB;
 (3) low attenuation: light attenuation of up to 2dB (single mode, dynamic);
 (4) the use of high speed: up to 10 rev / s;
 (5) long life: life expectancy of more than 106 revolutions;
 (6) Light, the number of batteries: the number of conductors can be customized according to user needs, fiber core up to 12 cores;
 (7) compact, small size, light weight.