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Autopiloter is a core control unit designed for autonomous underwater vehicle development. The product is the "brain" of the autonomous underwater robot to realize the functions of path planning, energy monitoring, motion control, autonomous navigation, fault diagnosis, equipment information collection and execution. The product supports the autonomous underwater robot to realize the centralized and the distributed control system structure, has the widespread adaptability.

Performance Indicators

 1. Volume: 200mm (length) × 142mm (width) × 100mm (height);
 2. Weight: 1.6 kg;
 3. Main power input: 18V ~ 36V, 0.5A;
 4. Interface: Doppler interface, inertial interface, CAN bus interface, GPS / 4G / Wi-Fi / radio antenna interface, depth meter interface, into the / leaking interface, Gigabit network interface;
 5. Operating temperature: -28 ℃ ~ 65 ℃;
 6. Storage temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃.

Product Features

 (1) Integrated high-precision electronic compass, wireless data radio, wifi communication module, 4G communication module, GPS positioning module, with an external high-performance Doppler and inertial navigation interface can be extended through high-speed data bus other functions Module.
 (2) the use of high-performance computer, to achieve path planning, autonomous navigation and attitude control.
 (3)has a complete fault handling capabilities, including: battery voltage threshold overruns, a long time to reach the specified attitude, motor failure, the data link interrupt, speed limit, equipment, communication failure and leakage and so on.
 (4)remote control mode, shore-based control software can be acoustic or optical fiber communication link real-time monitoring of navigation equipment and status data, change routes and tasks.
 (5)with a common program interface, according to different needs to change the motion control, path planning, target tracking algorithm.