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Remotely Operated Vehicle

OB60 Type Remotely Operated VehicleAddDate:2016-11-17
OB60 Type Remotely Operated Vehicle


OB60 type remotely operated vehicle was developed and produced with independent intellectual property rights of high-tech equipment, This type of submersible has a wide range of applications, strong operational capacity, with a variety of job functions, equipped with 1 - 7 manipulator, cutter and cleaning equipment, and can be completed with tasks independently in complex terrain, Or cooperate with other equipment for underwater observation, search, shearing, washing and salvage operations. Widely used in underwater search, underwater inspection and underwater salvage industry.

Technical Specifications:    

      1. Size: 1000mm x720mm x550mm ; 
      2. Weight: 65kg ;
      3. The potential depth: 500m ;
      4. Speed: 3 knots ;
      5. Work tool: 1-7 function manipulator, cutter, cleaning equipment, etc ;
      6. Camera: 2 CCD cameras ;
      7. Two LED lights with adjustable brightness ;
      8. Sonar (optional): imaging sonar, navigation sonar , communication Sonar ;
      9. Payload: 10kg ;