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A new approach to the construction of marine ecological civiAddDate:2016-10-27

A new approach to the construction of marine ecological civilization

               Recently, the office of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the "national ecological civilization pilot area (Fujian) implementation plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), marine ecological civilization construction in Fujian usher in a major development opportunity. According to the "plan", by 2020, the construction of Fujian test area will make great progress in enhanced ecological environment supervision, environmental management system of the basic form of co-ordination, the area proportion of coastal waters reached two or better than the water quality standard reached more than 81%, the formation of a new pattern of harmonious development of man and nature.
According to the "plan", 2016, Fujian province's land and marine ecological protection red delineation work will be completed, not only the designated area of the red line, and according to the characteristics of forest, wetland and marine ecological system set number of red, red control system establishment. At the same time, we should establish and improve the natural shoreline retention and reclamation of the total control system, the implementation of classification management on the shoreline.
"Plan" to establish a clear river pollution control and coastal pollution prevention and control of the sea land linkage mechanism, strengthen the monitoring of the main rivers of pollutants and the focus of the sewage outfall, monitoring data between promote marine departments sharing, regular briefings, joint law enforcement. To improve the discharge of land sourced pollutants total amount control and traceability system for the sea, to carry out the nine Longjiang pilot total control of the Gulf of Xiamen Sea bay key pollutant discharge, enacted in 2017, the pollutant discharge and emission reduction targets for controlling the total sea decomposition scheme. The establishment of marine resources and environment carrying capacity evaluation and early warning mechanism to strengthen the monitoring of red tide, nuclear pollution, oil spill, hazardous chemicals leakage emergency monitoring and early warning, tracking and monitoring and emergency disposal. Xiamen and other places to explore ways to explore the construction of marine ecological civilization, to carry out the pollution into the sea, the marine ecological protection and restoration, marine culture, education and other demonstration work.
At the same time, the "program" proposed, to improve the environmental resources judicial protection mechanism, the establishment of the atmosphere, water, soil, forests, oceans, mineral and other areas of various environmental resources in criminal, civil and commercial law, administrative litigation and non litigation cases of the implementation of fair and Efficient Adjudication mechanism. Exploration of natural resources in the balance sheet preparation, 2016 Changle City, Jinjiang City, Yongan city and Changting county to carry out natural resource balance sheet in the pilot, the pilot county (city) to promote land, forest, water and marine and other 4 major natural resource assets accounting work, explore the establishment of physical accounting accounts.
It is reported that, according to the general office of the CPC Central Committee, the State Office issued the "on the establishment of unified national ecological civilization pilot area", Fujian, Jiangxi, Guizhou province to become the first batch of 3 National Ecological Civilization pilot area. As the only experimental area in the coastal area, the construction of ecological civilization in Fujian is good, and a series of beneficial exploration in the innovation of system and mechanism. The establishment of ecological civilization demonstration zone in Fujian will help to better play its role in the reform of the "experimental field", to explore the effective model can be copied, can be promoted to lead the country to promote the reform of ecological civilization.