Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

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Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

ELFIN P200 Autonomous Underwater VehicleAddDate:2016-11-21
ELFIN P200 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle


ELFIN P200 autonomous underwater vehicle is a series of products for enviromental exploration. With novel proplusion system, high resolution acoustic imaging system, and high precision navigation and trajectory control system, it can be applied to pipeline track/inspection, topographic mapping, underwater archaeology, target searching, and maritime security. Adopting the modularity and integration designment, the AUV can be easily change and expand modular to adapt for the different application. The most components of the AUV such as synchronous deconcentrator, autopiloter, acoustic imaging module etc., are all independent intellectual property.


1. Vehicle Diameter: 200mm
2. Vehicle Length: 1850mm to 2450mm
3. Weight in Air: 50kg to 68kg
4. Trim Weight: 1.1kg
5. Maximum Operation Depth: 200m
6. Energy: 2.0kwh
7. Endurance: 6~8hr@3knot
          Navigation: DVL aided Dead recking; Inertial navigation system; GPS/beidou

8. Communication: Wifi, radio, 4G, iridium


              1. Underwater Target Search
              2. Underwater Archaeology
              3. Topographic Mapping
              4. Pipeline Tracking and Inspection
              5. Maritime Security


              1. All Independant Intelligent Property
              2. Modularity and Integration Designment
              3. Novel High Efficiency Proplusion
              4. High Precision Down-looking Multibeam Echosounding and High Resolution Synthetic Aperture Sonar with conformal transducers
              5. Round to Meet Customized Needs