Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

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Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

ELFIN E200 Autonomous Underwater VehicleAddDate:2016-11-21
ELFIN E200 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle


ELFIN E200 autonomous underwater vehicle is a product for educational and scientific research.  The product is equipped with front and rear vertical and horizontal channel thruster, as well as the main propeller,  can achieve underwater hover positioning, precise trajectory control and other functions. And equipped with a single beam mechanical scanning sonar and high-definition underwater camera,  to meet the user motion control, acoustics and optical image acquisition, processing, tracking, positioning and other research subjects. The product in the structure, control, software are modular design, can facilitate the realization of module replacement, extended application research.

Performance Index 


Function  Technical Specifications:
Image Processing Underwater camera and its processing  Equipped with a dedicated computer processing system that can capture real-time underwater camera images, providing visual image software interface.
Forward - looking sonar and its processing Equipped with a dedicated computer processing system that can capture real-time sonar images, providing sonar image software interface.
Physical Characteristics  Diameter 200mm
Length ≤2.2m
Weight ≤65kg
Maximum Speed 2.5knot
Endurance Time  6 hours
Maximum Operating Depth  200m
Communication Distance  Surface of the water  ≥3km (Using wireless data transmission through the way)
Under water  500m (Using optical fiber communication)