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The State Office issued "on the perfect compensation meAddDate:2016-10-27

[Chinese] environmental protection policies and regulations online the day before, the State Office issued "on the perfect compensation mechanism of ecological protection opinions", two / two 2010 implementation requirements in key areas and important areas of full coverage. "Opinions" points to clear the key tasks, but also to make requests, the relevant departments should strengthen the organization and leadership, the establishment of coordination mechanisms, research and solve the construction of ecological protection and compensation mechanism of major issues.
"Opinions on improving the compensation mechanism for ecological protection" (hereinafter referred to as "opinions") issued by the general office of the State Council on the day before the day of the office of the state council.
"Opinions" that the implementation of ecological protection and compensation is to mobilize the enthusiasm of all parties, the important means to protect the ecological environment, is an important part of the construction of ecological civilization system. In recent years, the construction of the compensation mechanism of ecological protection has made progress, but the scope of ecological compensation is still too small, low standard, system and mechanism of the protector and the beneficiaries of the benign interaction is still not perfect, to a certain extent affected the action of ecological environment protection measures, to further improve the compensation mechanism of ecological protection.
"Opinions" stressed that development should firmly establish the concept of innovation, coordination, green, open and shared, and constantly improve the transfer payment system, explore the establishment of diversified ecological compensation system, and gradually expand the scope of compensation, raise a reasonable compensation standard, effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of the whole society and the protection of the ecological environment, promote ecological civilization construction a new step.
"Opinions" put forward, according to the unification of power and responsibility, reasonable compensation, government leading, social participation, overall planning, development, pilot, steady implementation of the principle, focus on the implementation of forest, grassland, wetland, desert, ocean, water, land and other key areas of ecological compensation task. To 2020, the implementation of key areas and prohibited development areas, key ecological function areas and other important regional ecological compensation coverage, development status of compensation and the level of economic and social adaptation, has made significant progress in trans regional and trans basin compensation pilot demonstration, establish diversified compensation mechanism, establish the basic system of ecological compensation system in China and promote the formation of green production and lifestyle.
"Opinions" points to clear the key tasks of the field.
Forest, the "opinions" put forward, improve the national and local public welfare forest compensation standard dynamic adjustment mechanism. Forest management and protection mechanism to improve the government purchase service based.
The prairie, "opinions" put forward, to expand the scope of Grazing Withdrawal Project, timely research to increase subsidies, and gradually increase the artificial grassland and livestock stalls construction support.
Wetlands, the opinions put forward, steady progress in returning farmland to pilot, timely expansion of the scope of the pilot. Explore the establishment of wetland ecological benefit compensation system, take the lead in the National Wetland Nature Reserve, international important wetlands, National Wetlands to carry out compensation pilot.
In the desert, "opinions" put forward, to carry out the pilot protection of the ban on desertification land, the ecological protection and compensation as an important part of the pilot.
The ocean, "opinions" put forward, to improve the fisherman subsidy policy, improve job transfer subsidies. Continue to implement the ocean fishing moratorium fishermen allowance system.
Water, "opinions" put forward, in the river source area, centralized drinking water sources, river river and water sensitive ecological restoration area, conservation area, aquatic germplasm resources loss of key areas for prevention and management of important rivers, flood detention area and is an important source of drinking water or the important ecological functions of lakes to carry out a comprehensive, appropriate compensation for ecological protection, improve the standard of compensation.
Cultivated land, "opinions" put forward, improve the system of cultivated land protection and compensation. Establish a green ecological oriented agricultural ecological subsidy system in groundwater funnel area, heavy metal pollution, serious ecological degradation area of farmland area farmers rotation fallow to give financial subsidies.
"Opinions" clear, will promote the seven aspects of institutional mechanisms for innovation. First, the establishment of a stable investment mechanism, multi-channel financing, increase the protection of compensation. Two is the key point to improve the regional ecological compensation mechanism, strictly delineated and ecological protection of the red line, to study and formulate relevant ecological compensation policy. Three is to promote the horizontal ecological protection compensation, research and development to local compensation, the central government to support the lateral ecological protection compensation mechanism approach. Four is to improve the supporting system, based on the production capacity of ecological products, improve the calculation method, to speed up the establishment of ecological protection and compensation standard system. Five is the innovation policy synergy mechanism, the research establishes the ecological environment damage compensation, the ecological product market transaction and the ecological protection compensation cooperation to promote the new mechanism of the ecological environment protection. Six is the combination of ecological protection and compensation to promote precision out of poverty, innovative ways to use the funds, to carry out the pilot areas of poverty stricken areas of ecological compensation, explore new ways to get out of poverty. Seven is to accelerate the construction of the rule of law, and constantly promote the institutionalization and legalization of compensation for ecological protection.
"Opinions" requirement, the relevant departments should strengthen the organization and leadership, establish coordination mechanism, research and solve the problem of the construction of ecological protection compensation mechanism. Strengthen supervision and implementation, the implementation of the implementation of ecological protection and compensation ineffective, timely start chasing mechanism. Strengthen propaganda, establish ecological products price, protect the ecological responsibility consciousness to guide the whole society, to create a good atmosphere of ecological environment protection, cherish the.
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